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Everyday Clothes Dress Code

Evening For Her

(USA and Canada)

In General

No Restrictions.
Anything you want.

This is basically a non-dress code.

However, consider who you will be meeting and the image to want to project. Essentially you are showing them what you wear everyday, and they may reach conclusions about you based upon your cloths. You might want to avoid anything that might project an image you don't want to be associated with.

It's quite possible that there might also be activities that aren't suitable for your best threads, and if you overdress too much you may feel out of place.


Hoodie tops (tops with a hood attached which can conceal the wearer's face) have developed an association with anti social or criminal behavior and may inadvertently intimidate others or cause security concerns and so are best avoided.


Smart Casual
If this is a social event, or you will be representing an organization or meeting new people, you might want to consider Smart Casual instead.

You will still fit in, but by sticking to Smart Casual rules you can be sure to project a good image, and achieve a good impression in non-formal circumstances.