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Polo Chic Dress Code

Morning/Day For Her

(USA and Canada)

In General

This dress code in high society is considered informal.

Informal may sound casual and it is compared to White Tie and Black Tie, but it normally refers to a respectful standard of dress. Typically Lounge Suit and Cocktail Dress are worn to such events.

In very relaxed events it might mean Smart Casual, but generally, unless you know for sure it is best to stick to the dress code, to present a sophisticated image to new people you may meet. It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.
Cocktail Dress
A short gown.

Also known as a 'Dancing Costume' or a 'Cocktail Gown'.

Ranging in length from just above the knee to about two inches above the ankle (Tea length).

Popular materials include silk, satin and chiffon.

Try not to upstage the hostess.
Knee length.

Good quality.
Summer Dress
Light pastel colors.

Sleeveless floral designs can be popular for weddings.

Don't wear white at a wedding unless you are the bride.


Hats are a popular accessory for outside summer events.

Essential for a wedding.


Suit Jacket
An alternative to a dress.

Light pastel colors are best for weddings but a business suit can be acceptable especially in the morning.


Suit Skirt
To match jacket.


Formal Pumps
To suit the rest of your outfit.
To suit your dress.


Luxury Coat
If weather permits.
To cover bare shoulders or upper arms.

Especially useful during weddings.


As much as you feel is appropriate to the occasion.