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our guide to wedding dress



invitations tend to specify dress codes in the form of:
  • Formal
  • - which normally means 'Black Tie' and 'Evening Gowns' in the evening. Some weddings, such as Royal Weddings, might be 'White Tie' or 'Full Formal' events which would require 'White Tie' attire for the evening. Such occasions are very rare and should be indicated on the invitation.

  • Semi-Formal
  • - which normally means dark suits and 'Cocktail Dress' in the evening. 'Semi-Formal' (as opposed to 'Full-Formal') is also traditionally used to request 'Black Tie' and 'Evening Gowns' so this might be worth clarrifying.

  • Informal
  • - which normally also means dark suits and 'Cocktail Dress' in the evening.

Only the wedding party wear full formal clothing before 6pm.

For wedding guests it is normally sufficient to wear 'Informal' wear during the day, which is normally a dark suit for a man (or a lighter one in summer), and a summer dress with a hat for a lady.

details here

All wedding attire should be reasonably modest.

Keep shoulders and upper arms covered during the wedding ceremony.

And try not to upstage the bride. It's her special day.